Plants and Produce

Florida Nursery registration: 48016315

Come on out to The Bee Farm and pick up some fresh produce or healthy heirloom plants for your garden.

Fresh Produce at the Bee Farm this week

Plants grown using natural organic Parsley, Dill, Spearmint, Peppermint

Tomatoes –  Winding down as summer approaches

Kale,  Longevity Spinach

Moringa, Sugar Cane

Prickly pear cactus, Hoya Santas

Fresh catnip plants – a treat for your kitty

Produce coming soon:

(growing season is winding down as summer approaches)

 Black Beauty Eggplant

Tennessee Red Peanuts


Flowers available

Purple porterweed – Honey Bees love the beautiful purple flowers on this wonderful native Florida plant

Plumaria – This Hawaiian plant creates beautiful fragrant flowers.  We have many sizes of this plant available

Aloe vera – We have many sizes of this edible healing plant.

Seeds available

Moringabok choy

Purple butterfly pea (one of my favorite vines) with beautiful edible flowers.

Pigeon Pea – Very popular among permaculture enthusiasts, this plant’s roots are “nitrogen fixers” to enrich the soil

Sugar Cane starter stalks