Honey Bee Metal Sculptures

As a Garden Sculpture, for your Apiary ,or display in your home or workplace

Our honey bee sculptures are custom made in various sizes and patinas.  No two sculptures are exactly alike as there are variances in coloring and cuts.  They look great watching over your apiary or garden and can even be displayed on a desk or bookshelf with the included honey bee display stand.   Copper acid wash green patinas or colored heat patinas are options that can be added.

All sculptures are hand cut from cold rolled steel or stainless steel depending on your preference and budget.  Some sculptures will have a coat of sealer to inhibit rust but steel will eventually develop some rust if left outdoors. By applying a protectant you slow down mother nature’s effect on the metal sculpture.  However many prefer the rusted patina look.  Stainless steel is much better at preventing rust but stainless steel that’s been ground and heated will still eventually see some effects of the weather.

Honey Bee Sculpture in the Garden

Honey bees sculptures can be combined with custom lettering to make a customized sign for your garden or apiary.  Call or email us for a quote.


Regular steel can be coated with a copper patina that is acid washed to give that beautiful green and copper weathered look.   A heat patina can also be applied with a torch to color the steel with unique colors and patterns.    Another option is to let the steel form a natural rust patina which is a popular look.  Stainless steel sculptures will have a natural shiny finish or can be heated with a torch to give you an interesting heat patina.  Copper acid wash green patinas or colored heat patinas may be applied.

Our steel sculptures also receive a protective coating to slow down the rust process but eventually outdoor sculptures will weather and see rust … even the stainless sculptures may see some rust as the cutting and grinding creates vulnerable areas on the sculpture.


Giant Honey bee Sculpture

Stainless Steel custom Honey Bee Sculpture

(53″ wingspan)

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