About the Bee Farm

Member of The American Horticultural Society

Our  Florida Bee Farm” is a mini eco-farm located in Clearwater and completely solar powered. Our hives of pampered (spoiled) honey bees produce delicious local honey.  We don’t use chemical treatments in the hives and we never feed our bees so we follow a different path than most beekeepers.  We even place our bees in the shade where most beekeepers put them in full sun.  This is something I learned from the famous honey bee researcher Thomas Seeley who has done some amazing studies of honey bee behavior and has written an excellent book called Honey bee democracy.  Another good source of information on natural beekeeping is Michael Bush who wrote The Practical beekeeper.

For our plants and produce, we strive to utilize organic growing methods with naturally made compost and tonics to repel pests. Vermicomposting is another composting method we use with our red wiggler worms to make the worlds best compost. We also brew compost tea in large barrels directly delivered to our plants through our irrigation system. The irrigation system is fed by a 600 gallon rain barrel collection system powered by solar electric.

Growing unique heirloom tomatoes is something we’re always experimenting with. Varieties Include delicious  Brandywine, Homestead, Italian, Turkish Meziti, John Baer, Turkish Stripe Monastary,  1884 Purple, Rutger, Homestead, roma, cherry and others.  We also grow blueberries, pineapple, banana, moringa, peppers, sugar cane, lemongrass, herbs and many other fruits and veggies.  During the growing season you can come out to the Bee Farm to pick your produce or we sometimes sell excess produce through the Indian Rocks co-op.

We use a lot of recycled containers at The Bee Farm, but this one probably should have been rinsed out a little better